Our success is rooted in cross-sector collaboration that not only inspires innovative solutions, but also provides transformative cross-cultural opportunities to inspire the change agent in everyone.  We call this Engagement That Empowers, and our work is always: 


We believe that local leadership is essential for sustainable social change. That's why we work to support and amplify the voice, vision, and insights of local leaders, stakeholders, and institutions. The core of what we believe and do has many names ' grassroots, bottom-up, participatory development. This foundational principle enables us to work alongside communities for holistic and culturally appropriate solutions that last.


We believe that innovation is driven by genuine collaboration. That's why we're committed to connecting talented leaders of communities, academic institutions, and corporations across sectors and from all corners of the globe to collaborate on our shared global challenges. We're changing the way people understand their role in social change by actively engaging them in the solution.


We believe that everyone can be an agent of change. For us, social change is not just an end in itself, but a deeply personal process that activates the potential in all of us to make an impact. This is what we call the Peacework 'aha' moment, the moment you realize the power of your inherent genius, the potency of collaboration, and that lasting change only happens if we're all engaged.

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