Sustainable development across the disciplines

Sustainable development requires an integrated approach that addresses the spectrum of social, environmental, and economic challenges and opportunities in a community. This is why we work through seven Development Disciplines, which we believe are the cornerstones of community well-being:


Agriculture is a key component of development because it provides jobs, stimulates the economy, and is at the core of a healthy, vibrant community. Peacework strives to strengthen the capacity of communities to overcome various environmental, social, and political pressures like climate change, land ownership, trade policy, and technological gaps. By working alongside community leaders, farmers cooperatives, small businesses, schools, and nutrition organizations, we are promoting healthy lifestyles and sustainable food systems for communities that thrive.

I learned about the global importance of agriculture as well the impact this industry has on the daily lives of farmers. Because of this experience, I am better able to appreciate the industry and those that work in it.

: Student, North Carolina State University


Communities around the world have been affected by the global economic recession, increasing unemployment rates and income disparity. Peacework collaborates with educational institutions and small businesses to expand education and access to financial products and services so that people can gain economic independence. By convening partners with financial and business skills, we are empowering individuals with access to entrepreneurship training, financial education, and business incubators to support their personal and professional goals.

Together, we've committed to educate the children of Belize and teach them entrepreneurial skills. I believe that by teaching them financial literacy, we have planted seeds of economic opportunity.

: Associate, PwC


One of the most powerful pathways for overcoming cycles of poverty and oppression is education, which is why it is at the center of many of Peacework's programs. We work alongside school, community, and government leaders to enhance educational opportunities for everyone, from primary school youth to adult learners. By increasing access and quality of educational opportunities in literacy, numeracy, and leadership skills, Peacework's educational programs are a key strategy for individual and community empowerment around the world.

Helping facilitate an educational program that had never been implemented before in primary schools was a truly rewarding experience. I felt a connection with the children and teachers and felt welcomed in their community. It made an impact on the students and our participants as well!

: Student, Northeastern State


Safe and dependable infrastructure is a key component of the social, economic, and environmental landscape of a community. Peacework supports community leaders and organizations with sustainable technologies and infrastructures that can increase their capacity and safety. Engineering programs in water filtration, school construction, housing projects, community center expansions, garden installations, and others can empower communities with resilience and room for growth.

Together with our local partners, our students have built water systems, constructed school buildings, and performed ecological research. Several students changed the direction of their lives and careers after their experience. I believe our partners in the community have also been transformed through this partnership!

: Faculty Leader, University of Arkansas


Communities that thrive must have an integrated approach to healthcare. Defense against preventable health conditions, access to quality care, and support for maternal and youth health are some of the key components of our programs. We work with local health institutions and professionals on educational outreach, direct health services, and infrastructural improvements to promote healthy lifestyles. Peacework's health programs are equipping communities with the knowledge, systems, and support that provide pathways to a healthy future.

I learned about being an ally for healthcare quality around the world. Because of this program, I want to somehow incorporate international health into my career.

: Student, Ohio State University

Public Service

Every community experiences various forms of injustice that emerge from challenges such as economic disparity, cultural insensitivity, gender inequity, labor inequality, and resource scarcity. Our programs in public service enhance the capacity of community leaders through advocacy, social science research, education, and civic engagement from the local to the international level. By convening students, professionals, community leaders, and public officials to expand their potential, we are supporting communities to lead ethical judicial, political, civic, and social change around the world.

Through our partnership, Peacework programs are working with the village, district and provincial government and ministries, bringing useful and appropriate tools and resources to aid in sustainable and effective change.

: Community Leader, Vietnam


Technology has the power to connect individuals and communities across the globe with the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to meaningfully participate in a global society and economy. Community development can be greatly accelerated with technology access and education. That's why we work alongside local leaders, businesses, government agencies, schools, and community organizations to enhance technology and build connections within their community, their country, and the world in unprecedented ways.

Our Daycare & Learning Center has greatly benefited from the installation of a solar array, both economically and environmentally. What a remarkable opportunity it has been to have students, teachers and sponsors working alongside us to help light up this Center for a better future!

: Community Leader, Honduras
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