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Todays corporations understand that to be successful is to be sustainable  economically, socially, and environmentally. These companies see themselves as hubs for innovation, empower their employees as change agents, and promote positive impacts on the triple-bottom-line. Peacework actualizes this potential and accelerates impact through customized, innovative programs for employee engagement and sustainable development in communities around the world.

Employees have enormous capacity to bring skill-based expertise, technical resources, volunteer service, and the intellectual and financial capital to support sustainable development. At the same time, these programs can boost engagement, improve recruitment and retention, and provide innovative training and education opportunities. Peacework programs not only empower communities  they engage employees and inspire innovation.
Enabling Entrepreneurship through Financial Literacy
Project Belize demonstrates the power of a cross-sector approach to education. By convening the Belize Ministry of Education and Youth, local businesses, grassroots non-profit organizations, and the resources of PwC, we are accelerating access to financial literacy education and entrepreneurial opportunity across the country. Our approach to youth social and economic opportunity is yielding encouraging signs of systemic change: financial literacy and entrepreneurship education is being integrated into the primary and secondary school curricula nationwide. Young people are launching small businesses and opening savings accounts. Teachers are infusing first-hand knowledge of saving and budgeting into their classrooms and principals are positioning their schools to be more self-sufficient by forecasting annual budgets and creating school improvement plans.
The people of Peacework cultivate deep and meaningful relationships in the countries they are involved with and the level of trust they've earned from our Firm is remarkable.
- Director, Corporate Responsibility, PwC
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